Preparing students with ADHD for College

USA Today presents an interesting take on the reasons many students with ADHD and ADD flounder when they head off to college.  This report contracts a body of research that students with other types of learning disabilities often perform much better in college than those with ADHD and ADD.

Children with ADHD and ADD often have average-to-high-average IQs, but their performance tends to be below their potential. The reason for the lack of success in college is that ADHD and ADD are both disorders of inattention and/or hyperactivity, but also primarily disorders of executive functioning that lead to students making more poor choices because of impulsive decisions, poor time management, disorganization and other executive functioning factors.

More alternatives for students with ADHD and ADD exist, including special colleges for people with ADHD or ADD bridge gap year programs that allow students to take more time to prepare for college and action-oriented, practical coping skills options available at Goose Creek Coaching.

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Bill Collins to Offer Business Coaching in Goose Creek Offices

Goose Creek Coaching is excited to announce that Bill Collins, a certified business coach, will be available to meet with clients out of Goose Creek Coaching offices in Centreville and McLean starting on October 1, 2012.  Bill, who is an independent coach and is not a part of the Goose Creek Coaching practice, provides proactive coaching for small business leaders and executives in larger organizations. 

Bill is a business practitioner himself and coach with more than 30 years of experience managing programs, projects and improvement initiatives. In addition to running his own business, Bill has broad managerial experience in staff and line positions across multiple functional disciplines and in private industry and consulting. Bill’s key strengths include strategic thinking, mentoring and developing people, recognizing problems and implementing solutions, organizing for improved performance, researching, analysis, writing and teaching.
In his coaching practice, Bill works with business owners and executives to achieve better business results, more personal fulfillment, and less stress and uncertainty.  Often this work entails addressing issues of time, team, money, and exit.

 I’m excited to be working with the top-notch coaching professionals at Goose Creek Coaching,” Collins said.  “I’m always looking to bring more value and a better coaching experience to my clients, and the Goose Creek office locations in Centreville and McLean enable me to do that.

Bill is a recognized expert in operations management, with more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing and distribution companies, including Mars, Incorporated and Dal-Tile Corporation.  He also has extensive experience implementing and using information systems.
Bill shares and expands his knowledge through writing, speaking, and teaching on a broad range of business subjects, including operations management, business intelligence, performance management, and information technology (IT).  He has had 12 articles published, spoken at conferences and meetings and taught for multiple associations and organizations.

Bill has been utilizing Goose Creek Coaching space for several months now. The new arrangement will allow him to become more available in the Goose Creek offices.

“We’re thrilled to have a business coach of Bill’s caliber available to clients near our Northern Virginia offices,” said Jayson Blair, the managing partner of Goose Creek Consulting, L.L.C. “As we have seen, our clients often reach out for business, career and life coaching at the same time, and we are glad that in this difficult economic times that we can recommend someone as dynamic and intelligent as Bill.”

Bill’s education includes a Master of Liberal Arts (MLA) from Southern Methodist University, an MBA from Benedictine University, and a BS in mathematics from Western Illinois University.  He is a Certified Fellow in Production & Inventory Management (CFPIM) by APICS and a Project Management Professional (PMP) by the Project Management Institute.


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